Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's a.....

Had my anatomy ultrasound last week.  Was awesome getting to see the baby kick the living crap out of me, and just move like the nutso crazy baby I knew it was!

The ultrasound technician wasn't allowed to tell me anything (I wanted to know the sex... NOW!), but she did tell me that the baby was perfect.  Aaahhhh!

So Friday, I knew there was a chance my doctor's office could have the results of my ultrasound... which meant getting to find out the sex of our baby (please notice I say sex and not gender... you can tell a person who almost crazily majored in Sociology, huh?).  I phoned - kind of scared - but also excited.  How would I react to either male or female being said?

Thankfully, I got the nicest of all the receptionists on the phone (I was afraid of getting someone who was tired and grumpy and not wanting to help me find out), and she was so excited to be getting this phone call.  Getting calmer.  Ah.

Then she said it.  She told me girl.  Girl.

Another girl.


"Girl!? Omigoodness!  I think I might cry!"

Good cry.  Perfect cry.  Sisters?

Best. Day. Ever.

Today, I am 20 weeks (according to my doctor's dude date of June 1st)... so I decided to "announce" on Facebook that we are having a girl - and we have the name.

I feel like the luckiest Mommy in the world.


  1. love the name daisy Charlotte! Congrats on finding out you're having another girl!

    1. Thanks!!!! I am so excited! It's going to be so great using all our same stuff again!


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